2 Facts About Realty Groups That’ll Keep You Up at Night

Enough that you do you do it in spite of the fear so speaking of important things like people shouldn’t think III I should I should think well

I feel fear about this and therefore

I shouldn’t do it it’s normal to be to feel fear like you’d have to definitely something mentally wrong feel fair so you just feel it and let the importance of it drive you to do it anyway yeah you know actually we’re something that can be helpful as fatalism some degree you could just if you just accept the probabilities then that diminishes fair so my starting SpaceX

I thought the odds of success were less than % and I just accepted that actually probably

I would just lose lose everything but that maybe would make some progress if we could just move the ball forward even if we died maybe some other company could pick up the baton and move and keep moving forward so that was slowly some good yeah same with Tesla

I thought your odds of a car company succeeding were extremely it’s necessary that you’ll be flexible that you are always thinking of how can

I improve this better this is a customer driven economy it’s necessary for you to always explore various ways in which you can improve the quality of service that you’re providing for the people in your organization

I remember something a major company had talked about the extra value service they were providing for their customers and the lady who had the news conference summarized it

This way she said it’s not our intention to satisfy our customers or to please our customers our intention is to amaze them it’s necessary if you’re going to compete .

Today that you look for ways to amaze your customers by being one of those individuals that keep your commitments they keep your word

That’s relentless it’s necessary as you work with the people that you bring into all your organization but they see that you are a good example of .

A person to work with because you model integrity and determination and ambition and truth and honesty and the way in which you conduct business when.

I worked for other companies some of them not mentioning names were so bad they would treat people the old way I’m the boss here’s what you’re gonna do because.

I’m the boss right or there were times for example when maybe had a dollar for lunch II can’t get a lot for a dollar I just knew that that’s how I was and if I had a company that.

I had a control of my gosh everyone’s gonna be treated the way I wanted to be treated so the minute we could afford it everyone had

Free lunch whether you had money or not you have free lunch we pay for it for you carpool will pay for that so we started doing things for people that I wish happened to me maybe that’s part of fate maybe because a lot