5 Practical Tips On How To Promote Your Startup

The rise of the startup ecosystem, in the world, is no longer new to anyone. This is largely due to the fact that many of them are appearing more and more rapidly, and more than that, a large portion has demonstrated the ability to move beyond the initial stages, that is, they are working!

The factor that most influences a startup to succeed is the way it works. In other words, having a product or service that solves a real need of your target audience. Of course, always focusing on solving specific pains in your market. However, this is not the only factor, there are some variables that involve the success of a startup.

Two of these variables are: Customer acquisition and investment capture. For this to be achieved, a good publicity work is essential to make the company more and more known, providing great opportunities.

Therefore, we have prepared here 5 practical tips on how to promote your Startup, check it out!

1. Produce content

One of the ways to spread your startup is to show all your knowledge and authority in the market in which it operates. And the main way to do that is by producing content.

This content can range from something simple, like a post on your blog, or even the production of rich materials like e-books, quick guides and other tools. Thus, your startup will show itself prepared to meet the pains of its market, in addition to helping its education, becoming known and being accessed organically.

2. Invest in Digital Marketing

Nowadays, people are more and more informed about any subject, due to the easy and constant access to the internet. Therefore, the need to be present in this channel is great, so keep in mind that  your company’s digital marketing should be a key area!


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You can start small, carrying out basic actions: being present in various social media, developing ways to capture leads, working with them through email marketing and even investing in paid media. In time, you will become more familiar with all of this and feel the need to take longer steps on this path.

3. Make partnerships

Looking for partners is also a highly recommended practice when it comes to making your startup better known. In this sense, there is no rule on how this can work, so focus on your company’s needs and use your creativity to get a good return on this action.

Partnerships can be either offline or online. Some possibilities that you can consider range from partners acting as resellers, companies that complement your service and even carrying out joint actions, such as co-marketing. If the partnership is with another startup, even better!

4. Participate in events

It is essential to always be aware of what is happening in the startup community and also in your market. One of the ways to fulfill this role is to participate in events.


Attending events can open doors you never want to close again. At events, you connect with different market players and have the opportunity to chat with them in a relaxed way and present your business. Of course, it will take a lot of proactivity and initiative to achieve this. But as a result you can meet potential partners, customers and even investors .

The strategy of organizing events is also valid, with a focus on both the startup community and its customers. It can help the company to become better known in the startup community itself and also strengthen the relationship with customers, who can refer other customers.

5. Don’t forget the press

As a final tip. Disclosure in information channels, such as large portals, magazines and newspapers online, is something very relevant. These channels have a great reach and demonstrate a lot of credibility, favoring the access of your target audience to you.

One tip is to use your contacts and the journalist community to your advantage. It’s also important to look for a good press office to help promote your startup.