Farfalle With Porcini Mushrooms

I want to share with you a small discovery – dried mushrooms. If you like fresh products “from the bush” as much as I do, you will also be surprised.

I have always been sure that fresh products are tastier, healthier and so on. This is true if we are talking about an apple that we took on the road to a picnic or juicy strawberries with morning porridge. But cooking has its own subtleties.

The first and most important advantage of dried mushrooms is aroma and taste. During drying, the Pinterest mushrooms “lose weight” by almost 70% due to the loss of moisture (which has no value in this case). As a result, we get dozens of times multiplied aroma and taste. It is enough to add just 20-30 grams of dried mushrooms per serving and get an incredibly strong mushroom aroma and rich taste.

In dietetics, it is recommended to eat dried porcini mushrooms, since the proteins that they contain in large quantities are absorbed by the body up to almost 80%.

Further useful substances – mushrooms that have not undergone heat treatment (freezing), have not been exposed to acids and other substances (pickling), by themselves “leave all the benefits in themselves.”

A nice bonus is also their denser texture compared to the same frozen mushrooms. How many times, having thawed and fried mushrooms, did you get a liquid dark mass, instead of beautiful dense mushrooms.

First of all, dried mushrooms should be washed in cool water and soaked in a cup for 20-30 minutes. By the way, it is very important that the mushrooms are initially flexible, and not crumble when trying to fold.

After 30 minutes, lightly squeeze the mushrooms and cut as you like, do not pour out the juice! I made rather large pieces, and I didn’t cut some beautiful mushrooms at all (suitable for decoration). Also finely chop the onion and garlic.

When the vegetables are cut, it’s time to put the pasta to boil. Mushroom juice is useful here, pour it into a saucepan and dilute with water, depending on the amount of liquid needed. You can throw a couple of mushrooms. Then the pasta will initially boil in mushroom broth, which will positively affect the taste. It will be more funky.

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