How To Clean Mushrooms

The mushroom is the king of the forest. Very fragrant and delicate, mushrooms are not to be appreciated only for their pleasant taste: they are in fact a mine of mineral salts and vitamins . Always buy fresh and excellent quality mushrooms because they golden teacher mushroom are extremely delicate and undergo rapid degeneration.

  • Today we will roll up our sleeves and see together how to clean fresh mushrooms : I have chosen the porcini, chanterelles and champignons . Let’s briefly see the main features:
  • Porcini: very fragrant and precious, they fall into the category of edible Boleti mushrooms.

You can buy them fresh or dried or in oil. Only problem:

  • The cost Chanterelles also called gallate, Gillette or chanterelles:
  • They are precious mushrooms with an orange or amber color. They are exquisite for preparing risotto and accompanying meats. When you want to prepare a mix of sautéed mushrooms , it is advisable not to overdo it with chanterelles: their very strong flavor tends to cover that of the others. Champignons or champignons : they fall into the category of edible field mushrooms. Champignons are probably the most popular cultivated mushrooms. They are excellent for preparing raw and cooked side dishes. They tend to oxidize quickly so after cleaning they should be cooked immediately. It is a mushroom that is easy to find and affordable to all.


Cleaning of Champignon Mushrooms
First cut off the end of the stem to remove traces of soil. Gently detach the stem by making a twisting motion. Remove the skin covering the chapel, starting from the edges towards the center. Cut the chapel into thin slices and the stem into slices or strips.

Did you know that…

The champignon mushroom tends to oxidize rapidly. For this reason it is recommended to cook it immediately after cleaning. Some people prefer to immerse the mushroom in lemon water for a few moments in order to prevent the surface from browning: personally, I do not recommend this technique because the mushroom tends to absorb water quickly.

Cleaning of Porcini Mushrooms

With a sharp knife, remove traces of soil and impurities starting from the end of the stem, taking care to remove as little pulp as possible. Scrape the surface with the knife to facilitate the operation. Repeat the scraping also in the chapel part. It is strongly not recommended to wash the mushroom in water because, acting like a sponge, it tends to fill up with water. In any case, if the fungus is very difficult to clean and the soil remains even after having dabbed it with a damp cloth, it is advisable to pass it quickly in cold running water.

If the porcini mushroom is small, cut it whole into slices (lengthwise). On the other hand, if the size of the mushroom is important, it is advisable to detach the cap from the stem by exerting a gentle rotational movement and to obtain thin gills from the head and stem.

Cleaning of Chanterelle Mushrooms

Cleaning chanterelle mushrooms is not difficult but it is important to remove all traces of soil, which tends to get wedged between the lamellae of the mushroom (internal part of the cap). With the tip of a knife, patiently remove the impurities that are hidden between the lamellae of the mushroom; scrape (if necessary) the surface of the stem and remove the end. With a damp cloth, gently rub the top of the head. If the mushroom is large, cut it into wedges lengthwise; if it is small, it can be cooked whole (without cutting it into small pieces).