How to grow mushrooms in the country or in the yard?

As the proverb says: “If and if, and mushrooms grew in the mouth Microdosing shrooms contains the eternal desire of man to have unlimited access to the desired benefits. Since childhood, we dream of a self-made tablecloth and a charming bottomless bag, which would store an endless supply of favorite treats.

  • And if these mythical inventions can please us only in dreams, then our own mushroom meadow with an abundance of forest gifts – a reality that is much closer than it seems.
  • Do you have a shady area in the yard where nothing wants to grow due to the lack of sunlight? Ideally! Unlike sun-loving plants, shade is a favorite habitat for mushrooms, and .
  • This place may soon become an unusual island of abundance, which will delight you all summer and autumn with wild mushrooms, which you can not buy in the store, and in the woods only in case of luck .
  • What are the advantages of growing mushrooms in the country and homestead?
  • It’s tasty! Forest mushrooms from the “bed” in the yard in taste and aroma are almost no different from mushrooms collected in the wild. How many dishes can be prepared with them: soups, stews, salads, sauces, snacks, and, of course – winter preparations.
  • It is environmentally friendly and safe! Mushrooms bought on the market or collected in the forest do not always undergo radiological control and testing for the concentration of accumulated toxins. Growing them in your garden, you can be sure of the purity of your “harvest”.
  • It’s profitable! Under favorable conditions, mushrooms grow very quickly, do not require special care and can bring you excellent earnings if you grow them for sale.
  • It’s stable! You can influence the growing conditions of mushrooms and not depend on the vagaries of nature. In dry years, to find at least a few mushrooms in the woods – a rare luck, and with regular moisture, right in your yard will be actively growing fresh mushrooms. In addition, they will not be as damaged by pests and insects as forest.
  • It is convenient! In order to collect a basket of fragrant mushrooms, you will not need to wait for the weekend and go on a long trip. Of course, nothing can compare to the impressions of a walk in this forest, but, unfortunately, this opportunity is not often, and your own mushroom meadow – always at your disposal.

How to grow mushrooms in your own backyard?

  • In order to be sure of the earliest appearance of the mushroom crop, it is best to use as seed material specially prepared mushroom mycelium . Unlike collected in the wild and harvested by hand, it will not be affected by diseases and pests, will have excellent viability.

What is a mycelium?

  • This is the name of the vegetative body of fungi, which, when placed in a favorable environment, starts active life: from the mycelium begin to germinate and develop fungi.

How to grow wild mushrooms from mycelium on the site?

  1. Choose the right area with the most shading. 1st pack of mycelium will be enough to use for growing mushrooms area of ​​†‹вЂ‹ 2.5 to 3 square meters. The ideal habitat for mushrooms will be a town in the shade of deciduous or coniferous trees.
  2. On all area of ​​the chosen site we form “pit” which depth should reach 25-30 cm.
  3. Fill it with the mixture, and then – line the bottom of this recess by 8-10 cm with a mixture of fallen leaves, tree bark and grass.
  4. Next, spread on top of the first layer of peat mixture or soil substrate with humus (also 8-10 cm).
  5. Sprinkle a small (2-3 cm) layer of plant debris, such as we lined the bottom of the “pit”.
  6. We level a site, having filled deepenings with a soil mix or the usual earth from a kitchen garden.