I wish I could do differently when growing my business

Growing a business requires a lot of forethought, industry knowledge, luck and, most importantly, good decision making. But this is where many business owners struggle the most – making the right decision at the right time. I know I have struggled with this issue.

There are three areas that I would like to approach differently as I grow my business. When creating the agency, our team used inbound marketing from the very beginning. But we did a small amount. It was enough , but we didn’t do as much as we could. For several years, in spite of us , we have seen a significant increase in revenue . During our growth, our team focused so much on the success of our clients that we neglected our own brand.

That was my first mistake – not devoting enough resources to my own marketing efforts :

Ultimately, under-investment in our marketing slowed down our growth. But because we were doubling or tripling our revenue, it didn’t matter at the time how much we held ourselves back. That all changed when we put Rob Steffens in charge of marketing two years ago. Soon after I put all my resources into marketing, I realized how important it is. Changes like this happen slowly, so as we’ve added a few more employees to the marketing department in just the last few months, we’re already seeing tremendous growth.

This was another mistake of mine. I didn’t add new team members to our sales team at the right time :

When we brought in a couple more foreign specialists, we became better equipped to train and advise our potential clients. The more people we had to sell, the more time each incoming Facebook specialist spent on each potential client, providing a better experience. They are available to serve them better, which ultimately helps close more deals. Obviously getting more people into marketing and sales is a big investment. It’s hard for a small company to do this without seeing immediate returns. But if you’re willing to scale and plan it right, you can build a larger sales team that will pay off in the long run.

When you decide to grow your business, there is a simple rule of thumb. Bottom line: you need someone to take over talent management.

We just hired a talent manager, Jasmine Kaplani, a few months ago, but I’m sorry we didn’t create the position two years ago. This is the third thing I would have done differently – hired a talent manager when I originally planned to scale. I saw the many benefits of hiring a talent manager almost immediately. Above all, a talent manager frees up your time and that of your leadership team. This allows you and management to focus on other critical business efforts that drive day-to-day operations.

Another great benefit of working with a talent manager is how you can improve the quality of your employees. Talent managers find much better talent in their search because they know what to look for. They understand the warning signs and good qualities of a potential hire when they review applications, conduct phone interviews, and meet them in person. Hiring the wrong people can ruin your business plan. If a new hire doesn’t have the ability to succeed in their position, or if they don’t fit in with your culture, they won’t stick around for long. And turnover can cost you a fortune.

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