Information About Mushrooms

Information About  Mushrooms

Mushroom is one of  Buy shrooms Canada The most collected and consumed mushrooms in Turkey, together with the kangaroo mushroom. Porcini mushroom is called Boletus edulis in Latin.

Porcini mushroom, which is widely found in our country, is a very preferred mushroom in world cuisine. However, this mushroom, known as porcini in the world, is not known as porcini mushroom among the people in our country.

Among the people, it is known by names such as bear mushroom, boletus mushroom, bolete mushroom from the Latin name, or locally cruciferous mushroom. The most well-known form is the boletus mushroom.

Fresh porcini mushrooms are loved by master cooks. It can be sautéed and eaten as a side dish, or added to risotto and pasta, while adding rich flavor to meat dishes and casseroles.

What’s In This Article? 

Porcini mushroom, like many mushrooms, grows in cool and humid climates, especially under and around trees such as oak, beech, pine.

The Black Sea region has very favorable climatic and geographical conditions for the cultivation of porcini mushrooms. Especially in the Western Black Sea Region, it is possible to find porcini mushrooms, or as it is known, black fungus in almost every wooded area.

The most abundant and easiest to find porcini mushrooms are between June and November. It is possible to collect tens of kilos at once, especially in September-October.

Where Do Porcini Mushrooms Grow

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There has been a great search for porcini mushroom cultivation in recent years, but cultivation studies in culture .

Media have not yet yielded results economically and efficiently. In addition, porcini mushroom spores, namely mushroom seeds, are not sold in our country.

Where Are Porcini Mushrooms Sold?

Porcini mushroom, also known as boletus mushroom, is not a mushroom that is produced in a commercial culture medium.

Therefore, it is possible to buy from local markets, village markets, markets selling organic food or from villagers who collect mushrooms only between June and November.

Also, dried porcini mushrooms can be purchased all year round.