Palm Angels Eyewear Collection

The first line of eyewear from Palm Angels will be available on May 27. The line is spearheaded by Francesco Ragazzi, the former artistic director of Moncler.

The brand has collaborated with brands such as Moncler Genius, Playboi Carti, BBC Ice Cream, Under Armour, Clarks, and more. The brand was created by Ragazzi, who started it by publishing a book about skate culture. The line was then launched at the former concept store Colette.

The name Palm Angels comes from the fact that it’s a Californian brand, but the collection takes inspiration from both the American and Italian perspectives. The collection combines comfortable, deconstructed silhouettes with unexpected sartorial details. The collection was first presented in Paris and Milan in 2014, and the brand has since collaborated with brands such as Suicoke and Sundek. The collection is full of color and design, and embodies the spirit of California, with a hint of luxury.

Francesco Ragazzi has been working at Moncler for more than a decade before founding the label in 2015. His story is reflected in the line and the clothes themselves, as his work speaks for itself. The collection was inspired by Ragazzi’s passion for skate culture, which led him to combine his Italian sartorial education with his love for skaters and Italian streetwear. This success story shows how Italian design is adapted to streetwear culture.