Record year for Bolt in Poland

Bolt summarized how Poles used the urban mobility application in 2021. This year, record routes were completed not only by Poles, but also by residents of other European and African countries.

The longest ride in Poland – 160 km

How much is 160 km? For example, it is almost the entire route from Warsaw to Lublin. This record of the distance covered during one trip

was broken this year in Poland. On the other hand, the record holder or record holder in the number of trips ordered Bolt as many as 727 times,

which means that he took two courses almost every day. On the world scale, on the podium, there was a person from Baku, Azerbaijan, who made 1,116 trips

with Bolt and from Kampala, Uganda, where the driver or driver traveled 513 kilometers with the client. The most popular day for ordering a Bolt taxi in Poland this year was October 16, when the number of trips was more than twice the average day. The most popular destinations in Poland are:

The biggest fan of Bolt city scooters lives in Stockholm

A resident of the Swedish capital made 1063 journeys in 2021. The longest scooter rides are about 30 km and they took place in Warsaw alongside Tallinn, Vilnius and Munich.

In addition, Bolt data from 2021 shows that in about 10% of cases, scooters and scooters chose to ride a two-wheeler over a car for shorter routes, thus contributing to improving the quality of life of local communities by reducing CO2 emissions, noise and reducing city traffic.

Pad Thai reigns supreme on Polish plates
In the Bolt Food app, the most frequently ordered dish in 2021 was a Thai dish based on pasta and vegetables, or pad thai (almost 30,000 orders).

The podium in Poland also included drinking kebabs and Korean fried chicken. During the week, most dishes are ordered at lunchtime, around noon, while on weekends we eat later, around 3pm.

The record holder or record holder tried as many as 137 restaurants. The record value of the order was broken in South Africa, where a customer or a client paid over 2,000 euros.

Bolt Market has also gained loyal users and users

Express delivery of purchases in the Bolt app has been available in Poland for less than a month, but interesting trends in the area of ​​orders are already visible. Shopping in Bolt Market certainly

helps in replenishing energy reserves – the record holder or record holder ordered a total of 12 liters of beverages from the “energy” category. It also seems that Bolt Market users like surprises –

in one of the completed orders there were as many as 32 pieces of chocolate desserts with a toy hidden inside. The European scale podium in terms of the number of orders placed was taken by a resident of Tallinn, who used a 15-minute delivery of grocery shopping as many as 132 times.