The hidden virtues of mushrooms

Of course, mushrooms are not like other plants. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre… they are low in calories and contain a large amount of protein. Virtues that make it a delicacy! Not to mention of course the inimitable flavors…

Impossible not to find your happiness among the wide variety of mushrooms. But did you know that this food has many nutritional qualities?

Full of vitamins and minerals

Mushrooms are real concentrates of health! Because these small plants are for example the world champions of vitamin B content and especially vitamin B3 (essential for the skin and the digestive and nervous systems) and vitamin .

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But mushrooms are also interesting sources of minerals, such as iron or zinc . They are one of the best plant sources of selenium .

A slimming ally?

The fungus is anything but the enemy of the line! It contains only a few tens of calories! Either the same energy as a green vegetable. And above all, the few calories it provides come from protein.

Ideal therefore as part of a diet where these proteins will increase the feeling of satiety while fighting against muscle wasting. Not to mention the fiber content of mushrooms, which will have a small appetite suppressant effect and facilitate transit. And of course,

these peculiarities make mushrooms the ideal food for vegetarians (even if be careful, they do not contain all the essential amino acids).

Protect your health

If mushrooms are real health allies, it is important not to be mistaken when picking them. Admittedly, a minority is really dangerous for health, but the consequences can be significant (read our article on this subject: Mushrooms: make no mistake!). This is why some rules are necessary. First, collect only the mushrooms you know.

And if in doubt, do not touch them directly and imperatively ask your pharmacist for advice (because even with a good book, it is sometimes possible to confuse two similar species).

And don’t be fooled by the misconceptions that edible mushrooms are attacked by slugs: they can eat poisonous mushrooms. Finally, practically all mushrooms should be eaten cooked, except possibly button mushrooms, in a salad.

Another solution if you don’t want to take any risks and you don’t like long walks, go pick them up… at the market stalls! They will also be very good, even if the prices are sometimes indigestible…