Weed Skittles Is The Best For Health

A highly balanced indica/dominant hybrid, Weed Skittles provides a calming, uplifting high. This marijuana strain is often used as a relaxation aid after a hard day at work, or as a natural way to spice up housework. Some people also enjoy the flavor of this strain.

Regardless of your use, skittles are sure to satisfy. Despite their euphoric high, Skittles can also cause feelings of anxiety or paranoia. They also cause dry mouth and red eyes.

A recent lab test found that Skittles contained 33% THC and 39% cannabinoids, making them a great alternative to the standard weed. While they are not as sweet as standard cannabis, they still pack a punch!

The California trend is to make stronger cannabis available at a lower price. This reduces competition for the strongest strains, which drives prices lower. Weed Skittles contain 400mg of THC per serving.

Although the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company does not make Skittles infused with THC Skittles, its commercials often reference popular candy brands. Specifically, black market weed dealers often use candy-branded names for their cannabis-infused edibles.

One company accused of using the name “Zkittlez” to sell cannabis and clothing with a marijuana leaf-shaped logo, as well as the Skittles logo, is being sued.